This section talks about things to do, places to visit and restaurants you should eat at when you come to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

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  • bicycle path

    It is an excellent place for cycling or jogging, and also for birdwatching and nature appreciation.
  • El Refugio De Potosí

    A Center for Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Education.
  • Museum "Costa Grande"

    This archaeological museon is divided in six rooms, it explains the history of Zihuatanejo and it`s surronding areas, from the 800 B.C and until the time the spanish conquer this terrytory in the 15 hundreds.
  • El Faro Restaurant

    It is the restaurant with the best view of Ixtapa, the presentation on the dishes and table is excelent and the food is good. Take your camara with you if you go El Faro.


Many times we go to this or that restaurant because another tourist recommended it, or because sometourist post some good comments about a restaurants on the internet, but do you know where do we locols like to go eat.

If you want to eat the real mexican food at really good prices, check out the following restaurants.

List of restaurants locols like:

  1. Mariscos El Gabo (Sea Food).
  2. Pozoloria Teozintle (Authentic Guerrero Pozole Style).
  3. Restauran Doña Licha (Regular tradicional mexican food).
  4. Carnitas Merchan (Pork cook the mexican way).
  5. Taqueria Los tarascos (Authentic mexican tacos al Pastor).
  6. Taqueria el hornito (Authentic mexican tacos al pastor).
  7. Cenaduria Antelia (Tacos dorados, tamales, enchiladas).
  8. Pizzeria “Vivan las Pizzas” (Pizzas mexica style).
  9. Pizzeria “Pizzas Locas” (Pizzas mexican style).


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